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qnaSmall businesses will need to move their accounting operations to online providers, sooner or later. Take our word for it. At the moment, there’s just no denying the advantages of small business bookkeeping software online. Gina’s story is just one example.

“After having tried a dedicated desktop accounting software for a few years, we’re now convinced. We need to take our accounting operations online. Our company’s revenue relies on sales agents out in the field and the process of transferring their transactions to a desktop system is just too tedious and repeats work that should have only been done once. Instead of heading straight home to rest, agents still need to make the long trip back to the main office to log their accomplishments for the day on paper, which then gets encoded by our bookkeeping staff to the desktop system. Such as waste of precious time and resources, yes? We need to go online but we’re not sure how to go about choosing a small business bookkeeping software online system. What choices are available to me?”

There are several things Gina needs to consider, but first she needs to do her homework.

Do the due diligence and get a side-by-side comparison of the best accounting software for small businesses available today. Know what to look for in accounting software and how to find one that best suits your needs. Resources such as this short article by the Entrepreneur online magazine on “Accounting Apps for Your Number-Crunching Needs will definitely help.

Gina will find common threads running through all of these resources:

Price is always the primary concern of small businesses. When looking at the price, always take note of these points:

  • Is the price fixed? Is your recurring monthly subscription safe from price increase?
  • Are the add-ons priced reasonably? You might want to do more than just basic bookkeeping.
  • Does it have a free trial period? This is important if you want to check whether the systems is simple and easy to use.

You will then want to make a quick check of the features.

  • Does it have all the basic bookkeeping functions and reports? Can you create journals, general ledgers and profit-loss statements with just a few clicks?
  • Does it allow quick and easy creation of estimates and invoices?
  • Can you track payments of due customer invoices?
  • How easy is expense tracking and mileage claims?

You will also want to check for compatibility and integration.

  • Does the online accounting software support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets?
  • Will it work with the software that you currently use? You might want to make sure you can do extra work on your data in spreadsheets.
  • Can you import your banking transactions into the system?
  • Is it possible to back up your online data into a device that you own (your laptop, for example)?
  • Should you decided to cancel your subscription, is it possible download your data from the online servers?
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There are many accounting systems available online and some of the more popular ones include FreshBooks, Free Agent, and Liberty Accounts. Before you make the choice, however, make sure you tick off the list above to help you arrive at the best decision.

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